a letter to the one that self harms

hey you. youre strong, i see those battle scars! those cuts on your arm, leg, stomach, wherever dont go unnoticed. nobody understands, huh? well i understand. it’s so funny how someone can smile everyday yet hurt inside. feel like your soul is burning? yea, i get it….. but, you’ll make it through. they keep saying it’s just sadness, huh? but you’re right. it’s more than that. feeling like you cant get a hold of your life? feeling down? feeling dark? wanting to just mope in a dark hole and talk to no one? mhm, been there, done that! if you feel like you’re alone…. you’re not! if nobody cares, i care. who am i? well that doesn’t even matter, just know …. somebody cares. i care enough to say, it’s going to be okay. i know you think it’s not, but it is. it can’t rain forever. things will get better but sometimes they have to get worse first. you can make it through, you deserve to see the sunshine. you are stronger than youll ever know. just hold on. better days are coming. stop hating yourself, stop blaming everything on you, stop taking the pain out on you. give yourself the happiness you want to experience. find healthy coping mechanisms and most of all, hang on. make it to those brighter days because… the best is yet to come.

i challenge anyone reading this to send an affirmation to someone they love. let them know you love them or care. you never know what someone is going through. 

peace x love: d i y e e z y


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